For years OMBRO leather has produced some of the best men’s leather wallets in the world.  What separates OMBRO wallets from the other wallets is our unique designs and quality. What makes us so special?  Well,  some of the distinguishing features of our wallets are:

RFID Protection

What is RFID Protection? A special metallic film is embedded into the wallet lining to shield and protect your credit cards from theft.  Read the blog for more detailed information.

Double Stitching

To create the best men’s leather wallets we have to go a few steps further than most wallet manufacturers.  Double stitching the perimeter of the wallet ensures that your wallet will stand the test of time.  The double stitching more than doubles the life expectancy of ordinary wallets. We use is a special sewing machine that is dedicated for this exact purpose.

Suede Lining

The first thing to go on most wallets is the lining.  We have improved the material most wallet manufactures use for lining from fabric to suede – a far more robust and resilient material.

Best Quality Cow Leather Available

Only the best men’s leather wallets use the best leather available.  Due to cost, most cheaper wallets use an inferior grade of leather that can split and tear. We ONLY use the best (and most expensive) cow hide available.  You will know how good our leather is as soon as you see or touch it.  The leather really comes into its own after a few years as it mounds and ages.  The longer you have it the better it gets!  There’s nothing like good leather and people that know this buy our products repeatedly.

20 Years Of Design Experience

The “Bro” has been designing wallets for a long time.  Experience is some thing you cant fake.  Our designs has been tried and tested over the years and the result is perfection through trial and error.  You don’t have to worry that the cards won’t fit or fall out.  We currently have over 30 designs and are working on 4 new designs, so stay tuned…….

Color Variety

We have a range of colors available for most men’s wallets including black, light brown, dark brown and green.

Sim Card Holders

Another unique feature of our wallets is the ability to securely store sim and memory cards in a specially designed pocket.


Every wallets is hand crafted with care and precision.  You can be sure that love and pride has gone into every single wallet.  You not just buying a wallet you are buying a piece or art.

1 Year Warranty

Still not convinced??  If you are disappointed in our wallets then we will give you a FULL REFUND.  In the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault we will replace the wallet within the first 12 months from the purchase date.

What are you waiting for ! Live the dream with a brand new OMBRO leather wallet.

Oh….you also get FREE SHIPPING in Australia if you spend $100 or more!